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RFID Tire Patch Tag

This electronic tag is made of rubber, which meets the EPC C1G2 (ISO 18000-6C) standard and operates at 860 MHz~960 MHz. It can be used worldwide.The chip of RFID will store unique ID and other information. It is suitable for tire and vehicle management in tire factory and automobile factory.

  • HC-TM-01

Materials: Rubber

Product Size: 95*35*2.7mm, spring size: 68*35mm

Colour: Gray-black (Printable logo)

Reading and writing speed: 1ms

Chip: Impinj M4QT

Protocol: EPCglobal C1 Gen2/ISO18000-6C

Storage capacity: EPC 128 bits, User 512 bits

Read-write life: > 10,000 times

Power supply: Passive 

Induction Distance: 0-7 m (depending on the environment and reader)

Frequency: 902-928 (US Standard) or 865-868Mhz(EU Standard)

Data life: > 10 years

Working temperature: - 40 C ~ + 150 degree C

Installation mode: Sticky (Like tire patch)

Environmental Protection: Compliance with ROHS

Application: Tire and vehicle Management in tire Factory and automobile factory.


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