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Can you print on RFID cards?
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Can you print on RFID cards?

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RFID printers are devices that print and encode information on RFID inlays or tags simultaneously. These devices are the only way to print on tags, and they also save time by automating the manual process of encoding each tag. RFID printers can print not only human-readable numbers and information, but also graphics as well as 1D and 2D bar codes.

Even for applications that do not require printing, RFID printers can add value by saving time on encoding. Let's read on to learn more.

This passage is going to talk about the followings of RFID labeling:

1) How to print on an access card?

2) What are the benefits of RFID technology?

3) Why not choosing our good RFID label and print your RFID card?

1) How to print on an access card?

Access cards (also known as "proximity cards" or "proximity cards") are cards that have a pre-programmed RFID chip built into the card How to Print on Access Cards. Access cards are used in conjunction with proximity readers to unlock locked doors and staff on duty. They are contactless, which means there is no need to swipe the card, thus ensuring long-lasting card durability and print quality.

It is important to consider your printing method when printing on access cards. There are basically two types of access card packaging: direct printable and what is commonly referred to as "flip-top".

Only direct printable cards can be printed directly. I understand that this may seem obvious; however, it is not uncommon for customers to need to print on flip cards as well. In this case, it is recommended to use an adhesive plastic ID card for printing and then manually attach it to the surface of the flip-top access card. Adhesive cards are available in several different versions. Always be sure to contact your dedicated ID wholesaler account manager to determine which adhesive cards will work with your ID card printer.

Printing on cards with embedded electronics can be more complex than printing on non-technical cards. When using a standard direct card ID printer to print on an access card, the internal components of the card may be damaged.

2) What are the benefits of RFID technology?

RFID technology performs data collection automatically and significantly reduces human effort and errors.

RFID supports tag reading without the need for line-of-sight or item-by-item scanning.

RFID readers can read multiple RFID tags at the same time, resulting in increased efficiency.

All RFID tags within range are immediately detected and matched to information in the database

Assets can be cross-referenced against their assigned location and recorded as present, missing or repositioned

RFID can be integrated with active scanning and fixed readers for a fully automated tracking solution

Assets and employees can be tracked and located automatically, from supply chain and asset management to all aspects of facility security and emergency planning.

Available scanners support both RFID and bar codes, so you can upgrade at your own pace.

3) Why not choosing our good RFID label and print your RFID card?

The simplest, least risky solution for printing on proximity cards is to use a retransfer card printer. This printer can print on film and then hot roll it onto the card surface, providing you with good or even uniform print quality. There is no risk of damaging the print head or any embedded electronics as the print head is not in direct contact with the card.

Please note the following: If you want to print on self-adhesive cards and manually apply them to the flap after printing, you should use a direct-to-card printer. This is because the heat from the reverse transfer printer's reverse transfer process can melt the card's adhesive material.

Call one of our company experts today to learn more about methods and information for printing on RFID cards. Don't need your card personalized? We can pre-print your company logo or terms of use on the card for you. Contact us for any of your needs and we are at your service.

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