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Asset Management Solution

RFID asset management is very important for big company which has a lot of workers and fixed asset. The whole process of the RFID asset management can be divided into follow steps.

The first is the registration of goods. You need to use a desktop RFID reader device to register the tag. Tag’s EPC number should be linked with products data like name, brand, mode, value...

Secondly. we attach the RFID tag to the asset, like laptop, bookcase, desk, chair and other fixed asset that you want track.

After all fixed assets are attached with RFID tag, you use RFID scanner to scan, you can know what is asset scanned, the name, mode, value... Then you we can compare with last time you scan, if something is lost.

RFID Desktop Reader (F5002-L)

It is a short distant RFID UHF desktop reader. It is used to encode the RFID UHF tags.

RFID Handheld Scanner (BX6100)

It is a UHF RFID scanner with 33DBM antenna, the reading distance is double times as normal RFID scanner. It is used to scan the fixed asset then make a count.

RFID 4-Channel Fixed Reader(F5860)

It is a UHF 4-channel reader that can connect with 4 antenna. It is used at the entrance and exit of building, to automatic count the asset in/out.

RFID ABS Tag Anti-metal

It is a RFID plastic tag with 3M sticker and screw hole, which can be fixed on the asset.

RFID PCB Tag Anti-metal

It is a RFID PCB tag that can be fixed on the asset. Compare with ABS one, size is smaller and performance is better.


It is used to paste on the asset without metal.

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