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  • RFID Slot Silicone Wristband
    HC-WB-45 wristband has a slot in the back of wristband. It can be put into a RFID chip or other things. Compare with other traditional wristbands, the whole body design looks like a snake, the head is on the side but not on the middle.
  • NFC Elastic Fabric Bracelet
    HC-WB-44 is a kind of elastic wristband that made of polyester fiber material. The strip can be printed with full color logo.
  • RFID Disposable Paper Wristband
    HC-WB-41 is a disposable paper material wristband. The paper is tyvek material, it can not tear off by hand. So it is widely used in events.
  • UHF Global EPC Gen2 Disposable Paper Wristband
    HC-WB-42 is a disposable paper material wristband. The head is not touch human skin, so that it solve the problem of the effecting from human body to UHF chip.
  • RFID ABS Elastic Wristband
    HC-WB-33 is a wristband that made of ABS material. The strip use a elastic chain which is suitable for different wrist size. This mode is widely used in gym, swimming pool, sauna house and bathroom.
  • RFID Transparent Wristband
    HC-WB-32 is a wristband that made of ABS material, with a transparent appearance. The whole product is very light and very easy to wear.
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