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Retail Solution
When RFID is used in the retail field,it can greatly save human resources and enhance the shopping experience of buyers. The main feature of the RFID unmanned retail system is that each product is affixed with an RFID tag. When settlement, it is only necessary to put all the goods in a counter that already integrated with a RFID reader. Because the reader has group reading function, there are many commodities can be automatically settled at the same time. 
Meanwhile, the anti-theft door can automatically detect unsettled goods and give alarm, this greatly prevent those unpaid products to be taken out of the shop. A RFID handheld scanner can be used to count the inventory of shop.

RFID Station

This RFID station DR-B serves for the payment of goods. It is designed with shield system, only the goods on the station can be read and paid. You can also use this one in tagging process of tag.

RFID Counter

HC-VD-CS is a RFID stand settlement counter. Customers can put the goods at the machine box, then the machine will make automatic counting. It contains the computer, customer can directly verify the goods they bought on the computer. Compare with former DR-B payment station, it can contains far more goods.

Anti-theft Gate

The RFID DR-B4 anti-theft gate is used at the exit of shop. If some body try to steal the goods, or the payment machine miss read some goods, the gate can detect.It much increased the security of shop.

RFID Inventory Scanner

BX6100 is a UHF RFID scanner with 33DBM power, the reading efficiency is double times as normal RFID scanner. It is used to scan the goods and count the storage. It can also be used to find the goods of which you forgot the location.


U4216 RFID tag designed with NXP Ucode 8 chip. The size of it is 46*19mm, it is small and good reading. It is used to paste on the goods without metal and water.

RFID Tag Anti-metal

RE7023 RFID tag designed with NXP Ucode 8 chip, the size is small. The feature of this tag is that it can be used to paste on the products with metal and water.

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