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2.4G Active RFID Reader
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2.4G Active RFID Reader

  • Outdoor Active 2.45Ghz RFID Directional Reader
    HC-PB02 outdoor directional reader adopts 2.4GHz civil band wireless communication technology. It is designed with high sensitivity and low power consumption technology, and low radiation that has no harm to human body. It has stable performance, with lightning protection, high waterproof level, and strong anti-interference ability, using ARM fast processor and composite receiving frequency division technology to improve card reading performance. A variety of data communication methods are widely used. It can be used in RFID vehicle management systems, access control systems, personnel positioning systems, cargo tracking systems, military, prisons, schools and other fields, and supports a variety of communication interfaces to meet the needs of customers in different environments.
  • Spark-proof Outdoor Omnidirectional 2.45G RFID Reader
    HC-PB11 spark-proof outdoor omnidirectional reader is a device for collecting vehicle and personnel information. The internal integration of 2.4G high performance communication module, using radio frequency communication principle (alternating magnetic field and electromagnetic field) to generate electromagnetic wave to achieve contactless information transmission, and through the information transmitted to achieve the purpose of automatic identification. Thus, it can locate the corresponding person or vehicle of the electronic label in the designated area.
  • Indoor Ceiling Directional 2.45G RFID Reader
    HC-PB14 ceiling type indoor reader is a high-performance RFID directional reader designed mainly for the application of the Internet of things. It adopts 2.4GHz civil band wireless communication technology, high-sensitivity and low power consumption technology design, low radiation is harmless to human body, stable performance, strong anti-interference ability and high-speed card reading ability. It uses TCP / IP network communication interface and POE power supply mode to meet the customer's needs of using TCP / IP network to communicate with the background.
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