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  • 4 Channel RFID UHF Reader
    HC-4C6403 is a high performance UHF RFID fixed reader. It is designed upon fully self-intellectual property. Based on proprietory efficient digital signal processing algorithm, it supports fast tag read/write operation with high identification rate. It can be widely applied in many RFID application systems such as logistics, access control, anti-counterfeit and industrial production process control system.
  • High Performance Long Range Integrated UHF Reader
    F5009-H is a high-performance integrated UHF RFID reader. It carries UHF M2210 reader module and 9dBi circular polarization antenna and stm32f103RZ processor. It supports multi-device communication, watchdog, heartbeat application and real-time monitoring device status. F5009-H integrates RS232, USB, 100Mbit Ethernet port and other communication interfaces, reading distance can reach more than 8 meters. For similar products, F5019-H has more stable performance and reading range.
    F5009-H designed by ABS engineering plastic shell, which is compact and light , with waterproof, dust-proof, anti-interference ability and lightning protection.
  • High Performance Mid Range Integrated UHF Reader
    F5006-L is a high performance mid-distance integrated UHF RFID reader. It is equipped with Independent R&D M2100 reader module and 6dBi circularly polarized antenna, contains a new generation of high-performance ARM-COTEXM3 processor. It has the functions of multi-device communication, watchdog, heartbeat packet and real-time monitoring device status. F5006-L integrates RS232, USB and 100MHz Ethernet Port and other communication interfaces, reading distance can reach more than 3 meters.
    F5006-L is designed with aluminium + PC shell. It is waterproof, dust-proof, anti-interference and lightning protection ..
  • 4 Channel RFID UHF Reader
    High performance 4-channe UHF reader F5860-HV3.0 is a industrial UHF RFID reader adapted to complex working conditions and harsh environment. F5860-HV3.0 is very strong, maximum output power can be 30 dBm, sensitivity can be -82dBm, full support EPC global UHF Class1 GEN2/ISO 18000-6C air interface protocol, with stable reading performance and strong anti-interference ability. With 8dBi antenna, the reading distance can reach more than 28 meters, and multi-tag reading can reach more than 400tags/s. It works covers China, Taiwan, the United States, Europe, Korea, Japan and so on. F5860-HV3.0 use new generation ARM-COTEXM3 processor, with industrial design. It has function of watchdog, heartbeat package, real-time monitoring equipment status and other functions. At the same time, based on 10 years experience of Hecere, many project requirements are pre-implemented into the reader, which greatly reduces the software development work of user.
  • Inventory Counting RFID UHF Handhel Scanner
    BX6100 is a RFID handheld scanner that equiped with 33dbm antenna, the reading distance for U7017 or 9662 UHF tag can reach 10-15 meters. The reading speed that can reach hundred of tags at one second. BX6100 is one the the top performance RFID UHF handheld scanner in the market.
  • RFID Industrial Grade Tablet for Forklift/Truck
    HC711 is a industrial grade tablet that used for staff driving forklift/truck. During a RFID warehouse system, the database send storage information or outbound inforamtion to forklift/truck, then statff come to the correct position of products.
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