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RFID Library Solution


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RFID Positioning Solution for Nursing Home


2.4G Active Nursing Home Positioning SolutionThis solution is based on RFID 2.4G active technique.

RFID Real Time Management Solution


RFID Real-time Warehouse Management SolutionSolution 1.0 (Active RFID technique)Warehouse 1. Put active RFID readers on the top of warehouse ceiling. Each active RFID reader can read the active RFID Tag from a distance around 80 meters. So you estimate the coverage of your war

[Industry News] Firearms RFID Management System for Armed Police to Realize Automation and Information Control


The automatic management platform of weapons and equipment is to collect the information of the radio frequency card carried by guns in real time in the coming regulatory area, and can be bundled together with the computer network to realize the real-time transmission of electronic data between the

[Industry News] Building Intelligent Port Wharf by RFID Technology


With the rapid development of all major ports in China, the throughput of ports is expanding, and the trend of international economic integration, as the carrier of shipping terminals for logistics transportation, it can improve the level of logistics automation, reduce the working links of staff, r

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