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Warehouse Solution

A mature RFID inventory solution consists of several steps. 

The first is the registration and storage of goods. At this time, you need to use an RFID printer device to print LOGO or bar code on the label surface, and at the same time correlate product information. It can also be operated with a desktop RFID reader device if you do not need print content on the tag.

After the system registers the label, the back-end will automatically generate the product's inventory location and give the location information to the forklift staff in the warehouse. 

When the truck driver sends the stocked goods to the warehouse, the RFID reader installed at the entrance of the warehouse can automatically read the goods information to prove that the goods have been put in the warehouse. At the same time, the forklift has received the storage information and placement location, so goods can be placed. The forklift will read the RFID tags on the shelves and pallets to determine whether the location is correct. 

Warehouse staff can use RFID hand-held devices to move around in the warehouse to carry out inventory counts, which can avoid missed readings when the goods enter the warehouse. When the goods leave the warehouse, the forklift picks up the goods according to the instructions received, and the goods pass the RFID reader at the exit to prove that the goods have been out of the warehouse. 

This is a complete RFID inventory management solution. This solution greatly reduces labor costs, improves management efficiency, and avoids losses caused by goods being dropped in the warehouse.

RFID/Bar-code Label Printer (HC-PTX)

Use it to print LOGO or bar code on the label surface. It is build-in RFID UHF module, which you can use to read-write the RFID UHF Tag.

RFID Desktop Reader (F5002-L)

It is a short distant RFID UHF desktop reader. It is used to encode the RFID UHF tags.

RFID Handheld Scanner (BX6100)

It is a UHF RFID scanner with 33DBM antenna, the reading distance is double times as normal RFID scanner. It is used to scan the goods and count the storage. It can also be used to find the lost goods in the warehouse.

RFID 4-Channel Fixed Reader(F5860)

It is a UHF 4-channel reader that can connect with 4 antenna. It is used at the entrance and exit of warehouse, to automatic count the goods in/out.

RFID Industrial Tablet(HC711)

It is a tablet that be used at forklift and truck. Driver use it to receive the message to locate the cargo or pick the cargo. The RFID module inside can let driver to verify the cargo if it is correct.

RFID Shelf Tag

It is a RFID plastic tag with 3M sticker and screw hole, which can be fixed on the shelf. It is used as a identification of shelf, gives a access to forklift verify of the location of cargo is correct.

RFID Pallet Tag

It is a RFID PCB tag that can be fixed on the pallet. Forklift can scan it to know if the cargo is correct or not.


It is used to paste on the cargo as a identification. Compare with bar code, it has many advantage. First, reader can automatic read it without adjusting angle, the maximum reading distance can be up to 15 meters. Second, hundred of them can be read at the same time, which increase the efficiency of counting storage.

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