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Firearms RFID Management System for Armed Police to Realize Automation and Information Control
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Firearms RFID Management System for Armed Police to Realize Automation and Information Control

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The automatic management platform of weapons and equipment is to collect the information of the radio frequency card carried by guns in real time in the coming regulatory area, and can be bundled together with the computer network to realize the real-time transmission of electronic data between the gun management 

information and the management department. The 2.4 GH RFID gun management of Armed Police achieves the automation of access and information control.


Police firearms are a kind of special tools and instruments. The management of police firearms is very important. Effective monitoring and management are carried out in the storage, storage, transportation, use, carrying and return of tube firearms. If the supervision work is not in place, it will bring significant security risks to the state and society.

2.4G RIFD Armed Police Firearms Management

RFID technology is applied to the management of armed police firearms, using the information of the number and number of firearms in the real-time monitoring cabinet of the RFID firearms monitoring cabinet. It does manage all the links of the police before, during, during the use and return of guns, and report the abnormal situation of guns to the system monitoring center in real time. It is an automatic identification technology, a scientific and technological means to effectively monitor gun expenditure on the Internet, and an effective tool for tracking, management and statistical management.

Problems that can be solved by RFID gun management

1. Provide strict and convenient management mechanism of gun acquisition;

2. Managers can grasp the status of guns in real time and realize the management mode of information penetration.

3. Solve the hidden danger caused by human factors;

4. To curb the occurrence of misconduct by means of technology.

Firearms RFID tags use 2.4G active electronic tags, each tag is assigned a unique ID number, in the system associated with the number of firearms, model, production date and other information. The RFID tags of firearms are bound to firearms by key-key method to prevent the abnormal separation of the tags from firearms or use the anti-disassembly tags to paste 3M glue on firearms. Once the forced disassembly without authorization occurs, an alarm will be given.


The approval process of gun acquisition. When police officers (personnel identification card) need to use firearms, they apply for the model of firearms in the system; after the police officers examine the application, the system allocates the corresponding firearms, and the firearms are marked as usable in the system; when police officers brush identification card into the firearms depot to use the corresponding firearms, unauthorized police officers or firearms do not correspond to each other can not be used.

The monitoring and management of guns at the guard post on duty. Each branch of the system sends its own system running status to the remote system center in real time. The system center can judge whether the current branch system is normal or not, otherwise the alarm will be triggered. The real-time monitoring and management of gun storehouse, the monitoring and management of guns being carried out at duty posts, and the management of guns being carried out at shooting range.

A new type of 2.4G electronic tag is embedded in the gun object. When the gun passes through the entrance and exit, it will be found by the RFID antenna. The RFID antenna transmits the information back to the reader for processing, realizes the real-time transmission of electronic data between the gun management information and the management department, and enables the gun expenditure to be automated and informationized.

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