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How Many Tags Can Be Read by an RFID Reader at One Time?
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How Many Tags Can Be Read by an RFID Reader at One Time?

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RFID Reader can read multiple RFID tags at the same time, just in the low frequency, high frequency, UHF different frequency band use, there are different bias points, but all can support long-distance reading, fast identification, multi-tag reading function, in daily life is also very widely used, such as in warehousing, supply chain management, production line management, product information traceability management, livestock breeding, etc.

Here is the information I found about the number of tags read by RFID Reader, I hope it will be helpful to you, please read on to learn more.

This passage is going to talk about the followings of handheld RFID Reader:

1) Types

2) How many tags can be read by an RFID Reader at one time?

3) Conclusion

1) Types

RFID frequency is different, the application is different, the number of tags read is also different, the following to look at the specific.

Low frequency: Operating frequency at 125KHZ-134KHZ, wavelength of about 2500m, the frequency band data transmission rate is slow, not suitable for fast reading, mostly used in livestock breeding management, such as cattle inventory counting, pig weight information collection, suitable for relatively uniform tag data reading and writing, does not support the large number of tags quickly read.

High frequency: Working frequency in 13.56KHZ, wavelength about 22m, data transmission is relatively faster than low frequency, can support multi-label reading, life is mostly used for card management, a card, conference sign-in, electronic tickets, etc., the number of tags read general.

UHF: Operating frequency is between 860MHZ-960MHZ, this frequency band wavelength is about 30CM, has a very high data transmission rate, and strong penetration, can read a large number of electronic tags in a short period of time, suitable for in and out of the warehouse inventory, fixed asset inventory, ETC vehicle management, etc.. Imagine putting all the goods into the settlement box when you buy, the display will automatically show all the goods data and price; including in some large companies, when the staff do the inventory work every day, they also use the UHF inventory machine to scan the goods to achieve the purpose of rapid inventory.

2) How many tags can be read by an RFID Reader at one time?

How many tags can be read by an RFID Reader at one time? The answer depends on the type of RFID system and what "at one time" means.

Let me first consider the second part of the question. Technically speaking, all RFID Readers can only read one tag at a time. If two tags are sending signals to the reader at the same time, the device cannot distinguish them from each other. However, there are special anti-collision algorithms that allow the interrogator to "separate" on a particular tag, meaning that the reader can talk to one tag at a time, but in a very rapid sequence. This happens so quickly that the reader seems to be interrogating many tags at once.

There are, of course, many different types of RFID systems, passive low - frequency (LF), high - frequency (HF) and ultra-high - frequency (UHF), as well as active, operating at 433 MHz, 915 MHz, 2.45 MHz and 5.6 GHz. low - frequency devices with less data can be sent during a given time period. Therefore, for passive LF tags operating at 125 KHz or 134 KHz, 100 tags will take slightly longer to communicate with the reader compared to HF systems operating at 13.45 MHz or HF systems at UHF. The system operates at 860 to 960 MHz.

3) Conclusion

The time spent by the tag in the read field is critical. You will not be able to read 1,000 tags moving through a dock door, but if the same 1,000 tags are placed in a tunnel reader that has antennas on all four sides, all 1,000 tags can be read for a few seconds without any problem.

In summary, RFID tags can be read very quickly, one after the other, but for large numbers of tags, they will need to stay in the read field for a few seconds. For more information on how to set up your UHF system to read dense tag populations, you can search the Internet yourself or contact our professional staff, who are always available to assist you.

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