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How do I read an arduino RFID card?
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How do I read an arduino RFID card?

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In this tutorial, we will discuss another interface technology. This time, we connect an RFID reader that reads RFID tags to the Arduino. RFID is radio frequency identification. the RFID reader is used to read RFID tags (which contain certain unique data stored in the chip). both the RFID reader and the RFID tag have a coil around them. When the RFID tag is displayed near the RFID reader, it collects unique tag data (a combination of numbers and characters) from the RFID tag.

This passage is going to talk about the followings of arduino RFID reader:

1)Introduction to the arduino RFID card

2)About the programming

3)How the arduino RFID card project works?

1) Introduction to the arduino RFID card

Would you like to know how the chip inside the RFID tag gets its energy? This can be done through electromagnetic induction. As I told you, both the RFID reader and the RFID tag come with a coil. We power the RFID reader through a power supply for reading purposes. Now, when an RFID tag is displayed near the reader, electromagnetic induction will occur between the coils, which will power the chip inside the tag. This chip will send the data to the reader electromagnetically. The reader will receive this electromagnetically transmitted data and output it serially. Each RFID reader has a serial output pin. We can use arduino or any other microcontroller to collect the read data through these serial pins. So, here starts our classic tutorial on interfacing RFID with Arduino.

2) About the programming

This interfacing RFID with Arduino linking process requires a complex programming process to connect the two. As it is too complicated, I can't understand it. You can contact our professional staff directly to learn more. We have responsible R&D programmers to give you the best experience and service. You can contact us through our website.

3) How the arduino RFID card project works?

The purpose of this project is to transfer the data read by the RFID reader to the Arduino and display it on the LCD. This section will explain how the project works.

Since the RFID system used here is passive, the information on the RFID card is pre-programmed. In order to read this data, the card must be placed near the reader.

The RFID reader module continuously emits electromagnetic radiation in the form of radio waves at a frequency of 125 KHz. When a passive RFID card is placed close to this magnetic field, the electromagnetic field from the reader induces a small current in the card's antenna coil due to the concept of mutual inductance.

As a result, the IC in the card gains enough power from it and transmits data through the antenna, which is in turn received by the reader's antenna.

The data received by the RFID reader is now transmitted to the Arduino UNO using a communication protocol. the Arduino displays this message in turn on theLCD.

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