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How do RFID readers work?
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How do RFID readers work?

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This passage is going to talk about the followings of RFID reader:

1)Introduction to an RFID system

2)How does RFID readers work?

3)Examples of Successful RFID reader Applications

1) Introduction to an RFID system

What is an RFID system? Although the type of equipment and complexity of each system will vary, every RFID system contains at least four components.

Reader class

Antenna class



The simplest systems can consist of a mobile handheld RFID reader (with integrated antenna) and RFID tags, while more complex systems use a multi-port reader, GPIO box, additional functional devices (e.g., stacked lights), multiple antennas and cables to design, RFID tags and a complete software setup.

2) How does RFID readers work?

How does RFID work? Radio Frequency Identification (RFID) is the wireless contactless use of radio frequency waves to transmit data. Tagging items with RFID tags allows users to automatically and uniquely identify and track inventory and assets. By allowing tags to be read without line of sight, and with a reading range between a few centimeters and more than 20 meters, RFID takes automatic ID technology to a new level. RFID has come a long way from first identifying aircraft as friend or foe in World War II. Not only is the technology improving year by year, but the cost of implementing and using RFID systems is also decreasing, making RFID more cost effective and efficient.

3) Examples of Successful RFID reader Applications

The examples of applications that benefit from RFID are endless. Applications extend from broad areas such as inventory tracking to supply chain management, and can become more specialized depending on the company or industry. the types of RFID applications can range from IT asset tracking to textile tracking, and even to details such as rental item tracking.

In addition to applications that can use other types of systems, what makes potential RFID applications stand out is the need to uniquely identify individual items quickly and efficiently where traditional systems are inadequate. Here are some applications that have successfully used RFID technology.

Race Time

Supply Chain Management

Pharmaceutical tracking

Inventory tracking

IT asset tracking

Laundry and Textile Tracking

File Tracking

Returned Transit Item (RTI) Tracking

Event and Attendee Tracking

Access Control

Vehicle tracking


Hospital Infant Tracking

Animal Tracking

Tool Tracking

Jewelry Tracking

Retail Inventory Tracking

Pipeline and Spool Tracking

Logistics tracking (material management)

DVD kiosk

Library material tracking

Marketing campaigns

Real-time location system

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