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How does the smart card authentication work?
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How does the smart card authentication work?

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Smart card authentication can raise your security level to a higher standard. Did you learn more about smart card authentication first? Read on to find out more.

This passage is going to talk about the followings of smart cards:

1) Introduction of smart card authentication

2) Importance of smart card authentication

3) Benefits of Smart card authentication

1) Introduction of smart card authentication

What is Smart card authentication? As the name implies, smart card authentication is a secure microchip that generates, stores and manipulates encryption keys to authenticate users. Smart card authentication works with the help of smart cards, smart card devices and authentication software. Smart cards are a powerful form of authentication using confidential and encrypted keys that are logically and physically protected, making them difficult to compromise.

Smart card authentication is a two-step login process using a smart card. The smart card stores the user's public key credentials and personal identification number (PIN), which is used as the secret key to authenticate the user to the smart card. Smart cards provide enhanced security - tampering with these cards cannot collect user details (such as PINs).

2) Importance of smart card authentication

Why is smart card authentication important? Before providing access to computer networks, systems and applications, organizations must verify the authenticity of users. As more and more organizations maintain their data in secure data centers and employees access that data remotely, user authentication mechanisms must be tamper-proof.

Smart cards are authenticated through a smart card reader. Multiple authentication factors are applied whenever a user swipes a card and enters a PIN in a smart card reader. Smart card authentication provides two-factor authentication by verifying what the user has swiped (smart card) and the user's unique identifier (PIN). Reduces threads of data leakage from endpoints in remotely available data centers.

3) Benefits of Smart card authentication

Smart card authentication is a good choice for organizations that value security because it offers many advantages.

1. Security

Smart cards can provide a higher level of security than magnetic stripe cards. They may contain microprocessors that can process data directly without the need for a remote connection. In addition, information stored on a smart card cannot be easily deleted, modified or retrieved. Even if a smart card falls into malicious hands, it is highly unlikely that a person could create duplicate copies and compromise security.

2. Flexibility

Smart card details can be updated remotely without issuing a new card. Because such cards are encrypted and have a unique ID, they cannot be duplicated. By using smart cards, users can access multiple services - you don't have to carry multiple individual cards.

3. Packaging

Smart cards are made of plastic, except for the low-cost embedded microprocessor. This makes them cheaper than digital tokens and other identity verification platforms. In addition, they easily comply with International Organization for Standardization (ISO) and International Electrotechnical Commission (IEC) packaging standards.

4. Processing power

Smart cards utilize a small CPU that can perform other functions in addition to storing data. For example, the CPU can count the number of times a user incorrectly enters a PIN and automatically locks out that user for a specified period of time.

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