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How to choose a good smart card?
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How to choose a good smart card?

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Access cards are used in access control smart card production systems for access cards, parking cards, membership cards, etc. Before the access card is officially used, it will be set up by the system administrator to determine the areas and permissions that can be used. For many customers who are making access cards for the first time do not know which type of access card to choose, the following is some information I found from Wang less relevant. Let's take a look at the choice of which smart card is more appropriate.

This passage is going to talk about the followings of smart cards:

1) Introduction of a smart card

2) How to choose a smart card?

3) Conclusion

1) Introduction of a smart card

As with all technology, our newer smart card systems tend to be more secure and more sophisticated. Access control cards in particular have evolved significantly in recent years, transitioning from magnetic stripe cards to proxy cards and then to smart cards.

2) How to choose a smart card?

Smart cards are plastic technology cards with built-in chips that are used for electronic processes such as personal identification, access control, identity verification and financial transactions. Smart card readers or terminals use or "read" them to obtain card smart card reader information and perform transactions.

Smart card readers are available in contact, contactless or contact and contactless models. Contact readers require the user to manually insert the card into the reader. This application is most commonly used for ID cards and stored value cards. The main advantage of this type of card is that it offers higher security.

Contactless smart card readers operate with an RF that communicates when the card is near the reader. The card does not actually have to be placed on or among the actual readers.

There are three main considerations in choosing a new smart card reader

Compatible frequency range - The reader is designed to find frequencies and will pass information back and forth between locations where the card can be read.

Suitable landscape or area for the reader - After determining whether the reader is indoor or outdoor, make sure the wiring is set up correctly and the reader will fit in the designated area accordingly.

Check the compatibility of the access control system - Before purchasing a smart card reader, it is important to ensure that the selected reader will work with the access control system.

3) Conclusion

In fact, the production of access cards usually has two chip options, one for the ID card, the other for the IC card, between the two have advantages and disadvantages, before the production of access cards, you can first understand the characteristics of these two types of cards.

(1) ID card: ID card as access control card has the advantage of low cost, one person, one card, can be linked to a microcomputer, open the door record. The disadvantage is the general security, equipment wears and tear, short life, and the card is easy to be copied.

(2) IC card: IC card can be divided into contact IC card and inductive IC card; we generally choose inductive IC card. I choose IC card as access control card is the disadvantage of higher production costs, the advantage is that the card and equipment without contact, open the door convenient and safe, long life. Generally, can be used for at least 10 years, and the card security is high, can be linked to the microcomputer, there is a record of opening the door, the card is difficult to be copied.

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