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Is RFID reader safe?
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Is RFID reader safe?

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Is RFID reader safe? Yes, RFID technology is secure - as long as you use smart mode. A recent article published in Business Insider has generated a lot of controversy. Its main message is that RFID can be easily compromised and therefore it cannot be used as an effective way of security or access control.

This passage is going to talk about the followings of handheld RFID reader:

1) Basic introduction of RFID reader

2) The nature of the security issue

3) How to Use RFID Cards More Securely?

1) Basic introduction of RFID reader

There is a lot of public discussion going on about credit cards with RFID technology. Many people don't know what it is, how it works or what its uses are. In short, RFID stands for Radio Frequency Identification and it involves an " RFID label" and a " RFID reader".

2) The nature of the security issue

The RFID chip is said to contain all your relevant account information, such as the customer's name, card account number and expiration date (more on this later).

The obvious benefits of RFID credit card transactions are convenience, speed and the elimination of employee contact with the card. To minimize accidental readings of these cards, the reading should be done at a distance of 1 to 4 inches from the reader.

The current public concern is whether RFID cards can be "hijacked" by using unauthorized RFID scanners and then using the information for fraudulent purposes. It is important to note that there are two parts to this process: scanning the card to retrieve the information, and then being able to use the retrieved information for fraudulent financial transactions. Recent media articles suggest that it is easy to "hijack" RFID information and then easily use that information to make fraudulent purchases.

3) How to Use RFID Cards More Securely?

For contactless payments (RFID), the financial industry uses additional security technologies in both contactless devices (RFID cards) as well as in processing networks and systems to prevent fraud. Examples of security measures being used, although implementation varies by issuer, include

Industry standard encryption. At the card level, each contactless card can have its own unique built-in secret "key" that uses standard cryptography to generate a unique card authentication value, password or authentication code that uniquely identifies each transaction. No two cards share the same key, and that key is never transmitted.

Authentication. Before authorizing a transaction, the issuer verifies that the contactless payment transaction has a valid card verification value, authentication code, or password. Therefore, at the system level, the issuer has the ability to automatically detect and reject any attempt to use the same transaction information multiple times.

Confidentiality. Contactless payment processing does not require the use of the actual cardholder's name in the transaction. In fact, the best practices used in the industry do not include the cardholder's name on the contactless chip.

Control. The cardholder controls both the transaction and the card throughout the transaction. The cardholder does not have to hand over the card or their account information to the clerk during the contactless transaction.

The RFID issue will continue to require surveillance, but for now it appears that both the technology and the companies using it can be trusted. So far, it is clear that while scanning of cards can be accomplished, it may not be easy to obtain all the necessary information useful for fraud.

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