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RFID Solution for Animal Anti-lost
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RFID Solution for Animal Anti-lost

Views: 1277     Author: Steven     Publish Time: 2020-03-09      Origin: HECERE


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RFID Solution for Animal Anti-lost

Animla lost is a big problem for many farmers. HECERE can provide a very good anti-lost solutiuon for your animal. Follow is our solution based on cattle management.

1. Divide the cattle activity place into several zones, each zone us a RFID reader to monitor, such as there are 4 zones cattle usually be at.


2. At each zone, we put a RFID reader, such as our product as follow:



Reader can read all the RFID tags around it by 80 meters distance. So we need to put the enough reader can cover reading all cattle activity area. Then we connect all reader through Ethernet port to computer


1. We put a RFID tag on cattle, we can use a belt to tighten on cattle neck. Follow is our product:

It means we give an ID for cattle. When RFID reader read which RFID tag, then we know cattle is round the reader.


2. We making software for tracking


Total Cattle: 200

Zone1: 25

Zone2: 50

Zone3: 25

Zone4: 50


Some times cattle will run from a zone to another zone, but if cattle at all zone total 200pcs, means cattle no lose. If total cattle below 200, which means cattle lose, software give warning.

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