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What are the advantages of handheld RFID reader?
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What are the advantages of handheld RFID reader?

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If you are just starting your research on RFID systems, you may be asking yourself the question, do I need a fixed or handheld RFID reader? The big difference between the two is that a fixed RFID reader can be placed in one place like a desktop computer, while a handheld RFID reader can be carried around like a mobile tablet.

Each of these types of readers can be extremely beneficial in different industries. By examining the benefits of each type of reader, we can learn more about which reader is best suited for our application.

This passage is going to talk about the followings of handheld RFID reader:

1) Benefits of a fixed RFID reader

2) Benefits of Handheld RFID readers

3) A sample of what can be done with a handheld RFID reader

1) Benefits of a fixed RFID reader

Always-on, real-time monitoring: Because a fixed RFID reader remains powered and does not move, it sits quietly in the corner of a building and collects data continuously. This is why fixed RFID readers are also considered "work horses" in the RFID industry.

Automated Asset Management/Inventory Tracking: By always monitoring online, there is no need to think about the idea of turning on the reader and scanning. So if you want to track how much inventory is coming in during the day, but don't want to have to remember to scan it every time it comes in, then always use a fixed RFID reader. A great way to automate the process.

Wide Read Range: Similar to how a desktop computer typically has more computing power than a mobile computer, a fixed RFID reader typically has a larger read range than a handheld reader and can monitor a larger area at a time.

Flexibility in what type of antenna can be connected to the reader: Fixed RFID readers typically come with 1-8 antenna ports, with the option to connect more antennas via multiplexers. With the right cable for connection, you are essentially free to choose any type of antenna in the same frequency range as your application.

2) Benefits of Handheld RFID readers

Easy to transport: Handheld RFID readers are designed to be carried with you wherever you are, which is why they are lightweight and battery powered. Often, they are also designed with ergonomic comfort in mind.

No physical installation-quick deployment: Unlike fixed RFID readers that require installation and wiring, handheld readers have no installation requirements beyond simply turning the device on and starting to read RFID tags.

Counter function for finding items: The counter has a "hot/cold" function that allows you to locate items faster by beeping when you are close to the item you are looking for.

Easy to use: Many handheld readers have key features that simplify data collection and transmission by translating RFID tag codes without the need to convert RFID middleware, which may be required for fixed RFID readers (for more information on RFID middleware, please contact us).

3) A sample of what can be done with a handheld RFID reader

Laundry Management: For a business whose bread and butter involves picking up laundry at various locations, installing fixed RFID readers at each location would be a very lengthy deployment process. Instead, it would be simpler (and more cost effective) to have drivers drive a single handheld device along a route and scan at each location visited during a given day.

Healthcare: For things like equipment tracking in large facilities, using counter functionality is very useful for helping people find what they need. In addition, equipment rented to hospitals (such as surgical kits) can be quickly checked by walking around the facility with a handheld scanner.

Unified tracking: Depending on the model of handheld reader you choose; scan data can often be displayed directly on the display of the device (or connected smart device in the case of a handheld sled reader) as it is scanned. For example, if you need to issue uniforms to employees, you can quickly scan the uniforms and immediately see if your scanned uniforms are assigned to employees who are patiently waiting at the checkout counter.

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