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10mm Diameters PCB RFID Anti-metal Tag
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10mm Diameters PCB RFID Anti-metal Tag

Material: PCB
Size: 10mm diameters, 2mm thickness
Chip: Monza 4QT
Standard: Global EPC GEN2 ISO18000-6C/B
Frequency: 902-928Mhz (US Standard) or 865-868Mhz(EU Standard)
Reading Distance: 0.45m (Handheld Reader)
Storage Temperature: -40℃-110℃
Working Temperature: -25℃-75℃
Install Method: 3M Sticker
Instruction: This tag is designed for RFID UHF that used on metal. Usually when UHF tag closed to metal, the reading distance will be reduced, However, when this tag attached to metal, the distance will be doubled compare with testing in air. Besides of that, it can resist water, acid, temperature, dust and so on. It is widely used in asset tracking which in hard environment.
  • HC-PCB1010
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