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  • RFID Slot Silicone Wristband
    HC-WB-45 wristband has a slot in the back of wristband. It can be put into a RFID chip or other things. Compare with other traditional wristbands, the whole body design looks like a snake, the head is on the side but not on the middle.
  • RFID Chip Changeable Siliocne Wristband
    HC-WB-34 wristband is designed by a ABS head. ABS head can be opened to change the chip inside.
  • NFC Two Tone Silicone Wristband
    HC-WB-23 wristband is designed by two layers, Each layer can be made of one color. You can wear the bracelet by two sides.
  • RFID Drawer Silicone Wristband
    HC-WB-22 wristband has a small drawer in the side of wristband. It can be put into the paper with contact. When elder with parkinson lost, the people can see the contact in the wristband and find their family member.
  • RFID Anti Tamper Silicone Wristband
    HC-WB-21 is designed by a taper proof system, People who wear it can not take off the wristband without the help of unlock machine.
  • NFC Slim Silicone Bracelet
    HC-WB-20 is designed by a very slim closed-loop system, It is very light and easy to wear.
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