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  • RFID 13.56Mhz ISO14443A Mifare Classic 1K S50 PVC Card
    Mifare Classic 1K S50 is a very popular RFID card. It has 7 bytes UID and 1K bits memory which is organized in 16 sectors of 4 blocks. The communication protocol is ISO/IEC 14443 Type A. Mifare card has a very huge application in our live, like public transportation, electronic toll collection, school card, car parking...
  • RFID 13.56Mhz ISO15693 Icdoe Slix PVC Card
    Icode card is a ISO15693 smart RFID card, It can be used as NFC card as well. The maximum distance of icode card can reach above 1 meters.
  • NFC Forum Type 2 NTAG213 144 Bytes Card
    NTAG213 card is according to NFC forum type 2. It can compatible with 99% NFC mobile phone on the market, the compatibility is very strong. NTAG213 is come from NTAG203, now it is most popular NFC card in the world.
  • NFC Forum Type 2 NTAG215 504 Bytes Card
    NTAG215 NFC card is kind of NFC Forum Type 2 card. Compare with NTAG213, it has bigger memory size. NTAG215 card has a special, it can be made of amiibo cards.
  • NFC Forum Type 2 NTAG216 888 Bytes Card
    Compare with NTAG213, NTAG216 has bigger capacity 888 bytes memory size. NTAG216 is full compatible NTAG213, but because its big memory size, it is used in many cases that user has more memory size requirement.
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