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Muti Frequency RFID Copier

HC-MFC is a muti-frequency copier that can copy both 125Khz ,13.56Mhz and HID card. It has LED screen and English invoice.

  • HC-MFC
  • Hcere



User's manual

1. Start: Press thePOW (power switch) , machine open.

2. Chose Working FrequencyPress "CHANGE(Frequency Switch)" change the working frequency, or press "ANTO(auto scanning)" machine will change the proper working frequency to fit the cards

3. Read Card: After chose the right working frequency, put the old card at induction zone, press the "READ" button, if read successfully, voice prompt: "read success", if read fails, voice prompt: "read failed"

4. Write CardPut the new card in the induction zone, press the "WRITE" buttonif successful, the red led flashes once, voice prompt: "write success", if failed, red led flashing fast, voice prompt: "write failed".

5. Press "CODE", the voice prompt "Please enter card number", then input card number, press ENT button, voice prompt "enter correct". put new card on induction zone, press the "WRITE"button, then new card write successfully.


Encryption 13.56Mhz cards

Please read carefully and follow the steps below:
1. Use the software to crack the 13.56mhz encrypted cards.
2. Connect the copier with computer via USB cable and then press the "on/off" button. The the copier will be show the "Disclaimer" page. Press the button "OK" to agree with the disclaimer. DO NOT press any button on the copier.
3. Your computer will show a removable disk. Click to open the disk. There is a manual and the software inside.
4. Put your original card on the back side of the induction zone and then press the button "scan" to crack the password. After 2-5 minutes, the password would  be cracked.
5. Put one UID changeable card in the induction and press the "write“ butt


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