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RFID Library Solution

We can provide completed hardware and software for library to management readers and book. The technique we use is RFID. Compare with traditional bar code, RFID has greater advantage. RFID tag has only one unique ID, which give a secure ID to the book. Besides of that, RFID tag is faster reading, and it can also read muti-tags at the same time, these increase the effect of the system working. RFID services center terminal allow readers to resister by themself, meanwhile readers can self-manage their account and make settlement . RFID return machines give a access for readers to return the books by themself. With a smart door at the entrance and exit, we can know the human traffic and prevent unauthorized books to be taken out of the library. A RFID scanner can be used to search books and count the inventory. Staff can easily tagging the books with a RFID sticker and RFID reader. Sorting center help them to fast sort books and place them. RFID system is a mainstream for modern library.
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