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RFID+Password Electronic Cabinet Lock

This cabinet lock has powerful function which make it more secure. This lock has many kinds of opening method, user can configure it by themselves.

  • HC-LL-102

Material: Zinc Alloy

Size: 153mm*34mm*18mm

Operating Method: RFID Card Scanning and password

Compatible Card: ID(TK4100/EM4100/EM4200/EM4305/T5577) or IC(Fudan F08/Mifare 1K)

Currency: <10UA, up to 200MA of working

Voltage: 6V

Power Supply: AA Battery*4

Working Temperature: -20℃-70℃

Working Humidity: <80%

Alarm Function: ①Low voltage(<4.5V) ② Forget to close door

Application: Cabinet in swimming pool, gym, water park, sauna center, bath center, supermarket, school. hotel

Working Mode:

Single Mode

Card scanning or password

Combination Mode

Card and password work together

Public Mode

Cabinet can be opened only by the card or password which were used to close cabinet.(This mode can not be configured by user, it should be configured in production process).

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