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RFID Pet Dog/Cat Management System
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RFID Pet Dog/Cat Management System

Hecere Smart Finder System can be used as a pet management system. Each pet will be attached with a RFID hang tag as an identification. System can scan and named every pet. You can also edit date of birth, illness treatment and other information. If you want to fast find a pets, you can use searching function. If you want to fast count pets, you can use inventory function.
  • HC-SFS1.0



Product Introduction

This product is an intelligent object-finding system designed based on RFID UHF technology. The application of this system is very extensive. It can be used in every family who has trouble finding things. it can also be used by small businesses that need to manage assets and items. Compared with some traditional search technologies such as Bluetooth, the technology we use has more advantages in tracker cost and ease of use. In terms of cost, the price of our system is a bit high, but once you have one system, you can use large number of trackers because the price of tracker is very cheap. And our tracker do not need power. Once our tracker is attached to the item, you no need to charge power for it, it will accompany the item permanently as a identification.

Core functions

Locate items and find items

Inventory items and find missing items

Scan items and know what it is

Product Advantage

Higher positioning accuracy

Traditional positioning technologies such as Bluetooth or GPS can only locate the items at a big area, like tell you this item is at home. However, our system can tell you item is in which cabinet and on which shelf at your home.

Tracker no need battery

Our tracker no need battery. No matter Bluetooth or GPS, once power off then it lost function. But our tracker will never be power off, because it does not need battery.

Tracker is thin and small

Our trackers are like paper sticker. You can put them on almost anything in your house.

Tracker is cheap

Our smart finder system is little expensive, but our tracker is cheap. Once you have a system, then tracker is cheap for you. You can use any number of tracker without limitation.

Application Scenario

1.Families who have trouble finding items

2.Collectors who have many collections


4.Leasing company

5.Small business manage asset

6.Small business manage warehouse

7.Researcher manage records

8.Farmers manage livestock

9.Pet shop manage animal

10.Factory manage machine parts or tools


Product Parameter




166mm(H)x79mm(W)x31mm(D)±2 mm

(Not including the shield and pistol grip)


600g (including battery≀ist strap)


Gorilla Glass 3 9H 5.5 in. TFT-LCD (720x1440)touch screen with backlight


LED backlight


1 PSAM, 1 SIM, 1 TF


3.8V, 9000mAh


Cortex A73 2.0GHz octa-core

Operating System

Android 9.0



Operating Temp

-20℃ to 50℃

Storage Temp

-20℃ to 70℃


5%RH to 95%RH(non-condensing)

Drop Specifications

5ft./1.5 m drop to concrete across the operating temperature range

Protection Level

IP65, IEC compliance


±15kv air discharge, ±8kv direct discharge

RFID UHF Specifications

Impinj R2000 of main chip

920MHz-925MHz of frequency

Global EPC GEN2 ISO18000-6C protocol

0-33dBm adjustable power, 3dBi Circular antenna

0-25m scanning distance (Depends on tracker type)


Hecere Smart Finder software.

Scanning Power&Distance

Add an item: 5dBm fixed, 0-20cm

Scan items: 5dBm default, adjustable, 0-20cm when power is 5dBm. Scanning distance is up to 25m when power is 33dBm

Searching: 33dBm fixed, detecting distance is up to 25m

Inventory: 33dBm fixed, scanning distance is up to 25m

Note: Reading distance is just for reference, it depends on many factor such as the type of tracker, the angle of detection, the material attached to the tracker, etc.,

Product Instruction

1.Input the item name. You can also classify your items. Like ”Book”, “Important documents”, “Tool”, etc... Then scan to associate information to tracker.

2.If you want to locate item, firstly you can chose it from the category, or search it by name or note.

After you find this item in the software, then you can click the searching icon.When entering the search mode, you can judge the distance between you and the object by observing the energy bar and listening to the buzzer. When you get closer to the object, the more energy, the faster the buzzer sound.

3.If you want to know if you have lost something, you can click inventory. At this time, you need to walk around an area with the scanner. If something is scanned, it will show that the scan was successful.When the inventory count is finished, it will show which items are failed scanned. This means that these items are not in the area.

4.If you want to know what item it is, you can use scan function.

5.You can also change the item name and note. You can also delete the item or move the item to another category,

Fault Description




Tracker add failed

1.Name is used by another item

System do not allow the item name is the same

2.Tracker has been used by another item

If this tracker is associated with an item, then it can not be associated with another item unless you delete the associated item from system

3.Tracker is not from Hecere

Only Hecere smart tracker can be used at this system

Tracker is not scanned

1.Put non anti metal tracker on metal product

If tracker is not anti-metal one, then it can not work on metal product

2.Tracker is placed in a closed metal container or RFID blocking product.

Trackers (anti-metal and non anti metal) can not work in a full metal container like an all-metal safe, all-metal box, RFID blocking wallet, RFID blocking box, etc...

3.Tracker is fully covered by metal

If tracker (anti-metal and non anti metal) surface is fully covered by metal, then signal will be blocking.

Tracker is not sensitive

1.Tracker is close to metal

If tracker is not anti-metal, then it will be not sensitive when close to metal

2.Tracker is close to ground

Ground will reduce the tracker power

3.Tracker is close to liquid

Liquid will reduce the tracker power

4.Tracker is close to skin

Human or animal skin will reduce the tracker power

5.Tracker is partially covered by metal

If tracker surface is covered by metal thing, it will make tracker not sensitive or not scanned.


1.Before you attach tracker to a item, you should know if this item has metal or not. The best way is to put the tracker on the object (not directly paste) to test whether it can be scanned.

2.If it is an arc-shaped item, the effect of sticking the tracker vertically is better than sticking it horizontally.

3.If our smart finder system is in lower power (<20%), the scanning will become bad. So please make sure it has enough power when use it.

4.The energy bar of our software only indicates the strength of the signal sent by the tracker, not the specific distance. Because the signals of our different trackers are different. When the energy bar is at 80%, you may be only 1 meter away from tracker A, and if instruct tracker B, you may still be 3 meters away from it.

5.Our tracker has a certain waterproof function. Ordinary liquid splash will not damage them. But they can not be soaked in water for a long time, unless use our other waterproof tracker.

6.In the search mode, once an item is detected, you will hear the buzzer and see the energy bar, the item may be in a fan-shaped area in front of you. At this time, if you want to find the item, you need to slowly move the scanner left and right while walking forward slowly to find the direction where the signal is strongest. That means the buzzer is faster and the energy is more.

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